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JNOD: Leading Water Chiller Manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer in the sink water dispenser industry, JNOD has been serving renowned brands for years, accumulating extensive experience in OEM/ODM collaborations.


Backed by exceptional production capabilities and stringent manufacturing controls, we are committed to delivering top-notch product quality to our clients. From the product designs to the final production stage, every step upholds our unwavering pursuit of excellence.


Whether you are a brand owner, distributor, wholesaler, or an individual buyer, we will tailor the water chiller solutions that best suit your specific needs.

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Redefine Cooling Indulgence With JNOD Undersink Water Chiller

High Efficiency, Low Consumption

Leveraging cutting-edge R290 refrigerant, our eco-conscious chillers reduce energy consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional models.

Rapid Cooling Prowess

Savor the chill in just 10 minutes - our under sink water chillers rapidly transform 25°C water into a 3°C treat, delivering a steady 37 liters of icy cold water per hour.

Multi-layered Safety Safeguards

Prioritizing safety, isolated electrical controls and child safety locks provide multi-layered protection, ensuring peace of mind for all, especially families.

Intelligent Control, Limitless Convenience

Touchscreens and app interfaces for effortless remote access - adjust settings from anywhere with unmatched convenience.

Whisper-quiet Comforts

Industry-leading <45dB noise levels created by advanced noise-reduction technology. Ensuring a tranquil, undisturbed ambiance perfect for focused work or relaxation.

Space-Savvy Design

The compact design allows for countertop and undercounter installations. Maximizing limited spaces for clutter-free kitchens, offices and compact areas.

Why Us: Partner With JNOD
For Superior Under Sink Water Chiller Solutions

Pioneering R&D Prowess

Boasting 60+ pioneering patents and a formidable R&D team, we solidify our position at the vanguard of kitchen sink water dispenser innovation. Outpacing industry competitors, we empower clients to harness cutting-edge, differentiated cooling solutions that consistently raise the bar.
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Stringent 360° Quality Regime

Our stringent regimen encompasses 100% quality checks – material inspection, manufacturing oversight, to rigorous transport testing like drop/impact assessments. This multi-layered approach eradicates defects, yielding unimpeachable reliability surpassing industry norms.

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Rapid Delivery Proficiency

With an annual production capacity of 100,000 units, JNOD stable supply capabilities of under cabinet water dispenser enable rapid order response. No worries about stockpiles and cash flow concerns with our low MOQ. Your orders will be delivered within a month.

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Uncompromised Material Quality

Our under counter water chillers are manufactured using high-precision compressors and food-grade 304 stainless steel, reinforced with 14mm high-density foam insulation, ensuring superior durability and thermal retention. The food-grade stainless steel is more hygienic, inhibiting up to 95% of bacterial growth compared to plastic-based units.

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Competitive Factory Pricing

As an integrated manufacturer combining production, R&D, and marketing, we leverage economies of scale to offer highly competitive factory pricing for premium products direct from the source.

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Best-in-Class Service

24/7 rapid response backed by 3-year compressor/1-year component warranties + 1% spare parts provision. Our client-first team resolves inquiries within 12 hours for a seamless pre-to-post-sale experience.

Custom Chilled Water Dispenser For Your Specific Needs

Appearance Design

We customize under sink chillers in unique sizes, colors and materials, offering private label services for OEM and ODM solutions.

Cooling & Capacity

Custom cooling capacity to match your usage demands and ambient conditions.

More Than Chilled Water

You can infuse your instant chilled water tap with a multidimensional usage experience, including multifunctional capabilities such as basic chilling, filtration, sparkling, and hot water.

Power Configuration

We are well-versed in the power requirements across different regions, offering over 10 power configurations across 5 continents to ensure safe, reliable, and regulation-compliant operations.

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Certificated Under Counter Water Dispenser Manufacturer Offers Expert Support

Choosing a reliable water chiller manufacturer ensures the quality, safety, and environmental friendliness of your products. We hold over 100 product certifications across key markets worldwide. No matter which country you conduct your under sink water cooler business, we’ve got you covered.

Mutiple Applications of Water Chiller

Under counter water coolers can be applied in various residential locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and entire houses.

Diverse Sparkling Water Chiller

JNOD is one of China's top water chillers manufacturers thanks to our unique patented technology that results in consistent cooling performance while consuming less energy. Our cost-efficient water chillers are easy to install and can operate quietly. We offer an extensive range of water chillers for residential, commercial, retail, or corporate settings.

High Energy Efficiency

Low Maintenance Cost

Stable Performance

Easy Customization

We Prioritize Your Concerns with Professionalism

Superior Parts

Incoming materials and components are thoroughly screened to ensure our water chillers' performance and long service life.

Optimal Structures

The innovative construction of our water chillers allows for efficient cooling performance while utilizing less energy than conventional coolers.

Patent Technology

JNOD water chillers' innovative temperature control and features can put you ahead of your competition in your target market.

Smart Functions

From bright temperature consistency to remote control, our water chillers' features improve the user's experience.

Typical Applications, Optimal Solutions

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