Electric Hot Water Tap

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JNOD: Innovative & Advanced Hot Water Tap Provider

Discover our instant hot water faucet that does it all – spin it any way you like, check the temp without guessing; heats up fast, saves your bills and water. Super safe with our top-notch safety designs, and it’s tough enough to take the heat without extra fuss. Plus, setting it up is as easy as pie. Upgrade your home with our hot water faucet that is smart, safe, and simple!

Experience 360-degree swivel flexibility and an LED digital display for precise temperature control – no more guessing with hand tests!

Save big with our high-efficiency heater that powers up to 30-50 degrees in just 3-5 seconds at 3200W, while intelligently adjusting water temperature inversely to flow rate.

Enjoy peace of mind with our electric faucet’s multiple protections, including water-electricity isolation, grounding, overheating, dry heating, leakage, and explosion safeguards.

Benefit from low upkeep costs thanks to high-quality, heat-resistant materials that resist aging and clogging.

Get started effortlessly with our comprehensive installation manual, making setup a breeze.
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Why Choose Us?

Superior Instant Hot Water Faucet Solutions

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Expert Water Heating Solutions

  • 10+ years of expertise since 2009
  • Backed by 40+ patented technologies
  • Serving over 50 countries
  • 500+ satisfied clients
  • 1,000+ Successful Projects
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Top tier raw materials

Choose Excellence: Our electronic taps are either crafted from durable, high-temperature resistant ABS plastic with UV protection or made with premium 304 stainless steel for rapid heating and rust resistance, each integrated with long-lasting ceramic valves.

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Robust Manufacturing Capacity

  • 8,000 m² Producing Area
  • 5 Production Lines
  • Capacity: 300,000 Units/Year

Stringent Quality Control Process

We maintain strict quality assurance through a 4-stage inspection process: Incoming, In-process, Final, and Random Product Inspections.

From small business to brand

Our Exquisite Services

Looking for a instant hot tap?

We’ve got you covered with custom solutions and free advice. Plus, we ship orders in just a month. Our products come with a 1 to 3-year warranty. Need help? We’re here 24/7 and promise to get back to you in just 12 hours!

Tailored ODM Services

Meet manufacturers' specific needs with our flexible Original Design Manufacturing, creating products designed just for you.

Customized OEM Solutions

Ideal for private label dealers, our Original Equipment Manufacturing services ensure your brand stands out with quality and distinction.

CKD/SKD & Small Batch Collaborations

Engage in Component Knock Down or Semi Knock Down partnerships, and small-scale online channel collaborations for adaptable, efficient production and distribution.

JNOD Brand Partnership Opportunities

Grow together with JNOD through our brand partnership program, offering joint exhibitions and market expansion initiatives.

Trusted Electric Water Faucet Manufacturer
with Prestigious Certifications

We proudly hold certifications including ISO9001, 14001, 18001, CNAS, CE, CB, ERP, ETL, DOE, GCC, and SASO ENERGY, ensuring our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental standards of electric sink faucet.


Mutiple Applications of Electric Hot Water Tap

Our instant hot water tap for sink can be applied in various residential locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and entire houses.

Electric Hot Water Taps Solutions

As a leading electric water heater manufacturer, JNOD offers durable and efficient solutions for daily hot water needs. Enjoy instant hot water at your fingertips with high-efficiency heating and intelligent control for maximum home comfort.

Presise Temp Control

LED Temp Display

No Water Leakage

Avoid Overheating

We Prioritize Your Concerns with Professionalism

Superior Parts

We source our materials from trusted and certified suppliers to ensure their reliability. JNOD also develops our components to cut costs and achieve superior instant hot water taps.

Optimal Structures

As a leading hot water taps manufacturer, our innovative engineering teams provides ideal structures for maximum efficiency.

Patent Technology

To address common pain points, we incorporate patent technology into our instant hot water taps, which can quickly heat water while consuming less energy and preventing frozen pipes.

Smart Functions

JNOD provides intelligent hot water tap solutions with a variety of smart features, such as precise temperature control and child safety locks.

Typical Applications, Optimal Solutions

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