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JNOD: A Forefront Leader in the Best Electric Water Heater Brands

Established in 2009, JNOD stands out as an innovator among electric water heater manufacturers, boasting a legacy of 15 years marked by pioneering developments. Our expertise is evidenced by a portfolio enriched with over 40 patents, and our global outreach spans 50 countries. We have fostered partnerships with over 500 clients, successfully navigating more than 1,000 projects. Our array of services, meticulously designed, includes:

  • Customized ODM for industry leaders
  • Premium OEM for market distributors
  • Adaptable CKD/SKD models
  • JNOD brand partnerships
  • Small-batch online collaborations

Aligning with JNOD not only signifies a partnership with a renowned brand but also a commitment to professional excellence in the realm of electric water heating solutions.

Wide Range Of
Electric Water Heater Selection

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Why Choose Electric Water Heaters from JNOD?

Mighty Production Capacity

Performance Test

Premium Electric Water Heating Solutions

  • Advanced Customization: We offer a wide range of options in design, color, size, and packaging, catering to diverse market needs with precision.
  • Global Power Expertise: With over 10 power configurations across 5 continents, our experience in regional power adaptation is unparalleled.
  • Diverse Functionalities: From standard heaters to models with consistent temperature control and WiFi intelligence, we address varying consumer demands.
  • Superior Quality Commitment: Using only top-tier materials, our products undergo 14 rigorous quality tests, ensuring excellence and safety in every unit.

Exceptional Service in Electric Water Heating

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Top-Quality Electric Water Heater Company: Finest Materials

Experience unparalleled quality and durability with our electric water heaters, crafted from the finest raw materials.

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Instant Hot Water, No Need to Wait

Our heaters give you hot water right away, no waiting. This is because of our fast aluminum heating parts. They heat up water super fast and meet important ROHS rules for keeping the environment safe. This means you get your hot water quick, saving both time and energy.

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Smart & Safe Temperature Control

Our heaters use special controllers to keep water at just the right temperature. They have safety valves and protection against leaks for extra security. Plus, they follow big safety rules like UL in the USA and TUV in Europe. So, they're not only smart but also really safe for homes and businesses.

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Strong and Easy-to-Use Outer Parts

The outside of our heaters is made tough and can resist fire, rated at the top 5VA level. They also have easy-to-see displays to check the temperature. This mix of strong materials and handy features makes our heaters great for anyone who wants something safe, strong, and easy to use.

Advanced China Electric Water Heater Quality Assurance: 4 Inspection & 2 Startup

The “4 Inspection, 2 Startup” process in our electric water heater production involves rigorous quality control at four key stages :  incoming material inspection, in-process inspection, final inspection, and random finished product checks.

This is complemented by two crucial startup tests – an initial startup check post-assembly and a final startup check for comprehensive performance testing.

During 4 inspection, we implement 14 distinct testing methods as below within these stages to ensure the highest product quality.

Test MethodStage of 4 InspectionPurpose
Performance TestFinal InspectionTo verify heater performance in simulated conditions (e.g., 35°C environment).
Pressure Resistance TestIn-Process InspectionEnsuring no leakage or damage under high pressure for safety.
Aging Resistance TestRandom ChecksAssessing long-term durability of components and materials.
Simulation TestIn-Process InspectionChecking overall performance and endurance under actual use conditions.
Salt Spray TestIncoming Material InspectionEvaluating corrosion resistance, especially of metal parts, in harsh environments.
Adhesion TestIn-Process InspectionTesting the strength of coatings and labels for long-lasting adherence.
Noise TestFinal InspectionMeasuring operational noise levels for environmental comfort compliance.
Tensile TestIn-Process InspectionExamining durability and strength of components and structures under tension.
Drop TestRandom ChecksSimulating potential impacts during transportation or use to ensure structural integrity.
Vibration TestFinal InspectionAssessing resistance to vibrations during transport or operation to prevent damage or performance decline.
Ultrasonic Welding InspectionIn-Process InspectionEnsuring reliability and standard compliance of ultrasonically welded parts.
Automatic Vacuum and Fluoride Charging InspectionIn-Process InspectionChecking refrigerant system's sealing and accurate fluoride filling for efficiency and safety.
Halogen Leak Detector TestFinal InspectionDetecting halogen gas leaks in the refrigerant system for safety and efficiency.
Automatic Packaging Machine InspectionRandom ChecksEnsuring packaging quality to prevent damage during transportation.
Electric Water Heater Solutions

As a professional electric water heater manufacturer, JNOD provides durable and efficient solutions for daily hot water needs. We offer maximum home comfort that enjoying instant hot water at fingertips, high-efficiency heating, and user-friendly controls, all while saving on energy bills.

3S Instant Heating

Multi Point Water Supply

Over Temperature Protection

Creepage Protection

Water and Electricity Isolation Protection

Typical Applications, Optimal Solutions

Accredited Electric Water Heating Company: Proven Quality

As electric hot water heater manufacturers, JNOD is distinguished by a suite of prestigious certifications – ISO9001, 14001, 18001, CNAS, CE, CB, ERP, ETL, DOE, GCC, and SASO ENERGY. This comprehensive accreditation underscores our unwavering dedication to quality and adherence to international standards.


We Prioritize Your Concerns with Professionalism

Superior Parts

As we take our materials from certified suppliers, we develop every component of our electric water heaters from scratch to reduce intermediate costs and guarantee consistent quality for every product.

Optimal Structures

Integrating advanced technology with a compact structure, our expert engineering technique prioritizes maximum efficiency and energy savings.

Patent Technology

We develop patented technology from identifying common needs, such as display settings and temperature control, to make your brand provide unique, flexible services.

Smart Functions

JNOD delivers seamless and intelligent hot water solutions. With smart functionality, people can effortlessly control our electric water heaters from anywhere .

Mutiple Applications of Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters can be applied in various residential locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, even entire houses.

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