Under Sink Water System

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Accomadate With Bathroom Settings

4 In 1 Water Tap System

For electric hot water taps, exquisite customization and high quality are essential. We offer customization in appearance and parameters to meet individual needs. Our own laboratory ensures scientific data and product quality. Advanced features such as easy installation and temperature consistency enhance user experience and convenience.

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Diverse Boiling Water Heater

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Boiling Water Dispenser-B3CU/B3CE
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Boiling Water Dispenser-B3BU/B3BE
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Certifications of Our Products

With 14-year manufacturing experience, we know the world market better.

Our High-Quality tankless water heaters are well served worldwide with certificates.

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Tailor Your Own Water Heater


Several power levels for choice.


Customizable color and shape

Heating Efficiency

Customizable 3-24kw and various voltages.

Logo and Brand

OEM/ODM accepted.

Temperature Control

Adjustable 30℃-55℃.

Other Performances

Remote control access, Wifi control,leak detection sensors.

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