Under counter sparkling water chiller cooler carbonated soda water dispenser cold drink machine 3 in 1 tap

● 3 IN 1/ 4 IN 1
● 3°C Chilled & Sparkling Water
● 3.2L Big Water Tank Capacity
● ECO R290 refrigerant
● High Quality Compressor
● Touch Screen & Smart APP Operation
● Space-saving design


Voltage120V, 60Hz230V, 50/60Hz
Power Rating130W140W
Boiling Capacity3.2L
Working Temperature10-43℃
First Heating Time30 minutes (inlet temp. 25)
Rated Wire18AWG1.0mm²
ControlTouch Control / Smart Wifi App Control


  • 3 IN 1/ 4 IN 1, for chilled water, sparking water, purified water
  • 3°C Chilled & Sparkling Water, variety application in kitchen, office, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, gym, recreational Vehicle
  • 3.2L Big Water Tank Capacity, capable of continuously filling 10 cups of water (3-5 ℃, 250ml/cup)
  • ECO R290 refrigerant, efficient and greenness, fast refrigeration
  • High Quality Compressor
  • Touch Screen & Smart APP Operation, optional remote control/ wifi Function
  • Space-saving design, it can be installed on/ under the counter.

Product Description

Water Chiller B XQ0907 1
Chiller C 0909 2
Chiller C 0909 3
Chiller C 0909 4
Chiller C 0909 5
Chiller C 0909 6
Chiller C 0909 7
Chiller C 0909 8
Chiller C 0909 9
Chiller C 0909 10

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