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Innovative Instant Boiling Water Tap Solutions from JNOD

As a leading manufacturer with 15 years in the industry, our under sink boiling water dispensers represent the pinnacle of production strength and service excellence. Producing 100,000 units yearly and serving 500+ clients globally in over 50 countries, our environmentally friendly dispensers have contributed to energy efficiency in more than 1,000 projects.

Why Choose JNOD as Your Instant Hot Water Dispensers Supplier?

Meet Diverse Demands with Our Instant Hot Water Sink Dispenser

Our extensive experience with instant hot water dispenser system solutions caters to diverse customer needs:

  • ODM services to meet manufacturers’ requirements
  • OEM private labeling for dealers
  • CKD, SKD, and other component collaboration models
  • JNOD brand partnership, representing the JNOD brand as an agent
  • Small batch online channel cooperation models, etc.
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Top After-Sales Support for Instant Hot Cold Water Dispensers

Dedicated to excellence, our after-sales service for instant hot/cold water dispensers sets industry standards for customer care.

  • 3 years for compressor and heat exchanger
  • 1 years for other components
  • Free spare parts of 1% of the goods value.
  • Rapid response within 12 hours

4 Quality Inspections for the Best Under Sink Hot Water Dispenser

Our boiling hot water tap undergoes a rigorous 4-step quality process and two startup tests, ensuring unparalleled quality. The four inspections—incoming materials, in-process, final, and random finished product checks—coupled with initial and final startup assessments, guarantee efficiency, safety, and reliability. This meticulous approach underscores our commitment to quality and delivers significant benefits to our customers, providing them with peace of mind and the assurance of a superior product.

Certified Manufacturer of Instant Hot Water Dispenser Faucet

As a pioneering manufacturer of boiling water faucets, we boast over 40 patented technologies. We’re also accredited with ISO9001, 14001, 18001, CNAS, CE, CB, ERP, ETL, DOE, GCC, and SASO ENERGY certifications, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and quality.

Diverse Boiling Water Heater

JNOD boiling water dispensers produce warm or hot drinking water that is constant for drinks or other purposes. These boiling water dispensers also have security and convenience features like a child lock and overheating prevention. Being a leading producer of boiling water dispensers, we only use premium and screened parts to build long-lasting and cost-effective fixtures.

Presise Temp Control

LED Temp Display

Stable Performance

Low Maintenance Cost

Typical Applications, Optimal Solutions

We Prioritize Your Concerns with Professionalism

Superior Parts

Premium materials from trusted suppliers make our boiling water dispensers achieve a long service life and consistent temperature control performance.

Optimal Structures

The construction of our boiling water dispenser allows for optimal temperature control with minimum power usage.

Patent Technology

JNOD utilizes our patented technology to create boiling water dispensers with efficient heating performance and long service life.

Smart Functions

Each boiling water dispenser has convenient and safety features such as a remote control, overheating protection, and child lock.

Mutiple Applications of Boiling Water Heater

Boiling water dispensers can be applied in various residential locations such as homes, offices, coffee shops, and hotels.

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