JNOD C1153A 3-Mode Water Dispenser Electric Sparkling Water Chiller Soda Maker with Touch Screen

-Excellent Taste
-Fast Cooling
-Touch Screen Operation
-WiFi / Remote for Optional
-High Quality Materials
-CE CB ETL ROHS Approved
-Healthy & Safety
-Easy Installation


Voltage120V~/60Hz220-240V~ /50Hz
Power Rating190W190W
Boiling Capacity3.2L3.2L
Working Temperature10-43℃10-43℃
First Heating Time30 minutes (inlet temp. 25℃)
Rated Wire18AWG1.0mm²
ControlTouch Control / Smart Wifi App Control


-Fast Cooling: the water inlet temperature (23°C-25°C) drops to 3°C, and it only takes 20 minutes for the first use, with an average drop of 1°C per minute. Refrigeration takes only 10 minutes.

-Excellent Taste: the self-developed patented double gas-liquid mixer brings you a taste similar to Coca-Cola.

-360°rotating faucet, scratch-resistant starlight chrome-plated surface, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, easy to clean.

-Optional remote control / WiFi function. Can be controlled by Tuya App/Google Home/Amazon Echo, etc.

-The 3.2L cold water tank is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel; the outside is covered with 14mm high-density foam layer and tin foil for heat insulation.

-The high-quality compressor uses R290 high-efficiency refrigerant, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

-The patented self-developed double gas-liquid mixer adopts a lower injection pressure than the industry to achieve a better mixing effect. The 0.6L carbon dioxide bottle can supply 150L large-capacity sparkling water.

-Child lock: Long press the “plus” and “minus” buttons for 5 seconds at the same time to turn on the child lock, otherwise turn off the child lock.

-Electric control system: safe isolation electric control design, stable and safe.

Product Description

JNOD's water chilling solution 01
six features of the JNOD water chilling tap solution 01
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an image to show the chilling capabilities of the water chiller unit 01
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an image that showcase the size of the boiling water tap unit 01
an image that showcase the smart function of the boiling water tap unit 01
image that showcase the food-grade materials of the boiling water tap unit 01
the boiling water tap unit 01
five different outputs of the JNOD electric water heating tap 01
parts of the electric water heating tap 01

Company Profile

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