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01-Regulating device for tankless water heaters.

This invention uses an integrated automatic flow regulating device and a bypass water channel to buffer at the same time, accurately matching the inlet water temperature and the outlet water temperature through the bypass, thereby achieving automatic temperature adjustment, constant water temperature, and a more comfortable bathing experience.


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02-Multifunctional refrigeration tank.

This patent creatively sets up the purified water channel, the cold water channel, and the sparkling water channel inside the multifunctional water dispenser so that they are related without interfering with each other, thereby quickly mixing and outputting ice water, and producing sparkling water with sufficient bubbles and fine bubbles.


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03-A zero-cold water electric water heater.

Ordinary water heaters need to drain part of the cold water every time they are used.

Our patented electric water heater circulates and heats the cold water remaining in the hot water pipe through a circulation pump.

No matter how far the water outlet is from the water heater, instant hot water supply can be guaranteed, and there is no need to wait when it is turned on.


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04-Chilled sparkling water preparation device.

This invention patent uses a new structure of refrigeration tank to improve refrigeration efficiency.

Two cooling channels are used inside the refrigeration tank to fully integrate carbon dioxide and cooling water to ensure the quality of sparkling water.

In addition, by reducing the carbon dioxide gas supply pressure, the same quality of sparkling water can be produced with less carbon dioxide gas consumed.


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05-A refrigeration tank component for water dispenser.

The traditional chiller refrigeration heat exchanger is directly immersed in water, which has poor corrosion resistance and safety risks of leaking refrigerant coal.

The present invention effectively avoids the risk of leakage by changing the structure of the heat exchanger and innovatively applying new materials, thereby eliminating related safety issues.


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