JNOD brings new products to participate in the 135th Canton Fair


On April 15th, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened. This year, Foshan Shunde Jnod Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. (referred to as “JNOD”) showcased Instant Electric Water Heaters, Under Counter Water Dispensers, Booster Water Heaters, Electric Hot Water Taps, and more. Through scenario displays, JNOD demonstrated its advanced manufacturing capabilities in high-end, environmentally friendly, and intelligent products to global merchants. 





Adhering to the concept of “continuous improvement” and the vision of “becoming the world’s leading expert in electric water products,” JNOD actively explores the international market, continuously participates in the Canton Fair, and has participated in international exhibitions across countries. With advanced products, excellent quality, and efficient services, JNOD’s international market share continues to rise.


JNOD once again participates in the Canton Fair, hoping to use this window to comprehensively showcase the company’s innovative technologies, new breakthroughs in technology, green initiatives, energy efficiency, and safety to global merchants.


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Based on independent technological innovation

JNOD has been deeply involved in the field for 15 years, adhering to independent design and independent research and development. It has built its core competitiveness through “technological innovation” and “product innovation,” continuously providing customers with intelligent, green, safe, and energy-efficient high-quality products.


At this exhibition, JNOD unveiled a series of under counter water dispenser products independently developed and produced, aiming to meet different usage needs for household water and drinking filtered water in scenarios such as daily life and kitchens. Through product development and feature combinations, the goal is to have a faucet that can meet the needs of the whole family.


Among them, the most sought-after product is the new 5-in-1 water dispenser. This product provides five types water – boiling, chilled, sparkling, domestic hot and cold water – through a under counter drinking machine. With a simple twist of the button, users can easily switch between household water and drinking water. Its powerful technical functions and stylish appearance have attracted the attention of merchants from multiple countries, prompting them to stop by for understanding and negotiation.




Adhere to “user-centered” product design


Each participation in the exhibition allows JNOD to adjust product designs promptly based on market changes and customer demands through face-to-face communication, adhering to a “customer-centric” approach to provide users with a better user experience and convenience.


In terms of household appliance usage, users not only have certain requirements for product functionality and intelligence but also pay attention to the overall integration and visual coordination of appliances with residential decoration.


At this Canton Fair, JNOD introduced the world’s first 50mm ultra-thin instant electric water heater series products. All products use glass panel exteriors with moonlight gray as the main color, showcasing a sense of luxury. The ultra-thin 50mm body can perfectly blend into any scenario such as bathrooms and kitchens, being compact and space-saving. In terms of performance, instant heating in one second ensures unlimited hot water for bathing or kitchen use, providing both aesthetics and high performance without pressure. 




As of now, JNOD has obtained a total of 38 patent certificates, not only holding significant market shares domestically but also successfully passing authoritative certifications such as CB, North American ETL, and EU CE, and exporting to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions. This ensures that the products maintain reliable and consistent high quality worldwide, with strong manufacturing capabilities, reliable brand endorsement, and excellent products as the foundation, continually broadening the path to overseas markets.





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